Kattenbeck has brought many new concepts to the sector in our country, is a company of German origins.

Kattenbeck was founded in Germany in 1962 and Kattenbeck has been continuing its activities at various EU countries, has entered the cleaning sector of our country with the help of our Corporation President, Mr. Mustafa Tombul.

As a result of the rich experience that Mr. Mustafa Tombul has gained through years of work in Germany, he has created a fine blend of the German working discipline and Turkish diligence and transferred this Know-How into the Turkish market with Kattenbeck Inc.

Since the day that was founded, Kattenbeck Inc. continues to be renewed with its successful and pioneering activities that it undertakes in all the domestic sectors that it is active in and therefore continues to contribute added value to our society.

With the sense of responsibility that is integral to our company, we are working to add both material and spiritual values to our social stakeholders. Our company, which respects the concept of intracompany training with all of its personnel and the management staff that continually communicate with these, is aware of the fact that the good educational activities that we provide are to be reflected successfully upon our services.

Aware of the fact that one has to take lessons from history while on the road to the future, Kattenbeck Inc. is closely tied to our national values. We value all kinds of renovations and creativity, thus investing in research and development.

We also know the importance of having trustworthiness as the basis of all of our works and believe that only a controlled mutual trust would do as far as our business associations are concerned. And in order to obtain this trust, we make a difference in the sector of cleaning with the emphasis that we put on efforts for determining the needs of the future and improving ourselves in that direction.